Script #35719; Episode #2.16; Airdate: 2/10/1973

Writer: Michael Donovan
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Robert Alda, Jack Carter, Casey MacDonald, Barbara Brownell, Kres Mersky, Ta-Tanisha, Dub Taylor, Michael Morgan, Perry Castellano.

Story: Johnny tries to convince Roy that he has tonsillitis. An old flame of Dixie's, who is now a famous actor, is admitted to Rampart. Two kids are trapped on top of a gas tank.  A girl's college ball-game turns violent. Station 51, along with other engines is called to a fire in an abandoned hospital.  Chet is injured during a rescue.

Goofs:  When they send the EKG to Rampart, Brackett is looking at the wrong side of the paper when it's spitting out of the machine.

Tidbits:  Dennis Donnelly is the brother of Tim Donnelly

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