Survival On Charter 220  (2 hour movie)

Airdate: Saturday, 9 pm, March 25, 1978
Production numbers: 47187 and 47188

Writers: Christian I. Nyby II, Hannah Sherer, and Robert A. Cinader
Director: Christian I. Nyby II
LACoFD Technical Advisor: Firefighter/Paramedic Bob McCullough P0038

Guest Cast: David Ladd, Jay Hammer, Jason Evers, Barrie Youngfellow, Marla Adams, Rebecca York, and James A. Watson, Jr.

Story:  A small plane and a charter passenger jet collide and crash into a subdivision in Compton where Johnny & Roy are already treating an injured child.  Multiple rescues include passengers from both planes and people in the subdivision, including Johnny and Roy.  Squad 51 is crushed by one of the engines from the aircraft.  Station 51’s off duty ‘C’ shift paramedics who live nearby assist in the rescue.

Tidbits:  The TV Guide ad promotes this movie with; “Mid-Air Disaster over Los Angeles!”.

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