Script #40606; Episode #4.6; Airdate: 10/19/1974

Writer: Preston Wood
Joseph Pevney

Guest Cast: Dena Dietrich, Joe Kapp, Anne Schedeed, Bill Quinn, William Bryant, Christopher Mears, Robert Bernard, Holly Irving, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Celia Lovsky, Dub Taylor, Aneta Corsant.

Story: A surprise birthday party is planned for Dixie. A woman is thrown from a motorcycle into a cactus patch. A man is trapped in his new sauna. Dixie breaks hear ankle and suffers a concussion from kicking a shopping cart.  Two men are injured attempting to mount a sign on a building.  An old woman refuses to leave her apartment during a gas leak and the building explodes with Johnny inside. 

Goofs:  (1) When they are rescuing the women from the cactus, Roy and Johnny instruct the Captain to get on the landline to Rampart. There was no land line way out there. I think they meant to say bio-phone!  (2) When the Head Nurse screws up the staffing and has to go to Dixie, she had previously folded up the multiple-sheet nursing schedule and put it in her pocket, suddenly it is only ONE sheet.

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