The Stewardess

Script #42805; Episode #5.1; Airdate: 9/13/75

Writer: Preston Wood
Christian I. Nyby, II.

Guest Cast: Gretchen Corbett, William Wintersole, James Ingersoll, John La Due

Story: En route to LA following a paramedics convention, Johnny & Roy are called upon by a distraught stewardess to aid a heart attack victim. A man is injured in a motorcycle accident.

Goofs:  (1) In the ride from Rampart to the airport, the ambulance lights change from round to square. (2) Johnny slips in the foam and bangs against the stair railing when he and Roy attempt to help the Captain.  (3) The cardioscope was left on the bench after they recharged (which is one of the few times we actually see them doing this first thing on duty).

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