The Steel Inferno (2 hour movie)

Airdate: Saturday January 7, 1978

Writers: W. Preston Wood II, revisions by Robert A. Cinder
Director: Georg Fenady
LACoFD Technical Advisor: (unknown)

Guest Cast: Linda Gray, Brendan Boone, John Furey, Anne Lockhart, John DeLancie, William Bryant, Curtis Credel, Erik Washington, Lyndel Stuart, William Bronder, Vice Howard, Joseph Della Sorte, Sidney Clute, Robert Karnes, Steven Marlo, Philip Baker Hall, T. Miratti, Buck Young

Story: A high-rise office building erupts into flames, trapping people. A careless worker sparks an explosive fire in a high-rise building. Station 110 leads a full alarm response, assisted by Squad 51. A triage team from Rampart Hospital led by Dr. Brackett, sets up a makeshift ER in a nearby garage. Several workmen and two women, including a fiancée of a LA County Fire Department paramedic remain trapped on the 16th floor. A Coast Guard helicopter assists in rooftop evacuation; Dixie and Dr. Early take charge of the patients transported to Rampart. A paramedic is injured attempting a rescue, while Gage and DeSoto extricate themselves from a broken elevator. An explosion on the 21st floor injures a fire captain, necessitating a dangerous rescue down an elevator shaft.

Goofs:  (1) The paramedic who rode Engine 110 that day was chewing gum in the elevator? YOU DON'T DO THAT AT ALL !!! IT IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND WOULD INTERFERE WITH SCBA!!!!!!!! (2) If you look close on some of the burning walls as the firefighters spray water on it, you can't help but notice the white streaks from the flammable liquid they squirted on the walls to make them burn intensely to begin with. In actually if they fire department found that kind of streaking at the scene of a fire, that would be a clear cut case of arson beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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