Smoke Eater

Script #40619; Episode #4.16; Airdate: 1/11/1975

Writer: Edwin Self
Joseph Pevney

Guest Cast: John Anderson, Lee Harcourt Montgomery, Sid Haig, Sharon Faron, Anne Whitfield, Burt Mustin, Lin McCarthy.

Story: A temporary captain from the "old school" doesn't feel Gage and DeSoto should be practicing medicine, and has no problem in expressing his opinion. Dr. Brackett uses an old-fashioned sedative on a biker.  Aboy suffering from asthma is pinned by a storm drain grateing.  Dr. Early keeps coming up with oranges when all he wants is an apple.

Goofs:  (1) When the guys are sitting around the table eating, Chet asks Marco to "pass the salt," so Marco passed him the ketchup and Chet used it. Unless Heinz made salt, in a glass bottle that looked red? (2) The substitute captain is allegedly from 10s, which he describes as a two-man operation in a rural area. 10s is where Johnny worked when he heard about the paramedic program, and it looked like a big house in a city. Besides, in "Equipment", 8s didn't look like it had a chief stationed there to be able to tell Johnny about the program. (3) When the substitute captain goes up the stairs to look for victims in a building on fire, he finds an old man and tells him to go down the stairs. Roy & Johnny are already on their way up but they never meet into that man on his way down. What happened to him?

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