Script #35720; Episode #2.18; Airdate: 2/24/1973

Writer: Preston Wood
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Fintan Meyler, Bruce Kirby, Jr., Suzanne Charny, Charles Aidman, Laurie Brighton.

Story: The squad responds to several calls at a house where the wife is convinced the bad things that happen to her husband are the result of her recently deceased sister. An over-tranquilized teenager is brought to Rampart. The station rescues a man trapped and injured in a warehouse. Johnny and Roy rescue a man trapped underwater in his car.

Goofs:  (1) Note the dispatch when Squad 51 is summoned to the car 15 foot underwater. Station 110 is dispatched, not Engine 110 or Truck 110. The dispatch says STATION 110. If Tom Wheeler and Kirk were paramedics at STATION 110, wouldn't Squad 110 be taking this call instead of Squad 51? Also, recall that 110 had a paramedic unit in The Steel Inferno episode. Was a paramedic unit taken away from this station for a few years? I don't think so. (2) I've heard of drip-dry, but how did Johnny and Roy's uniforms get so pressed and clean after being soaked. (3) When Johnny and Roy get a call in the middle of the night to go to the seance house, the shot shows everybody getting up and dressing in a hurry, yet only the squad is called and leaves. (4) That scene where Roy and Johnny have to rescue a driver at the bottom of a river,  the last time Roy dives down to release the driver, something falls out of his pants pocket!  Can't tell if it's a wallet or maybe scissors from his paramedic belt.

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