The Screenwriter

Script #40607; Episode #4.1; Airdate: 1972

Writer: Eric Brown
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Shelly Berman, Larry Csonka, Carol Wayne, Brendon Boone, Roger Perry

Story: A screenwriter spends a day taping Roy and Johnny's work which includes a motorcycle accident, a chemical worker suffering from exposure to gasses, and an explosion and fire at a toy factory. Roy and Johnny also assist in the delivery of a deaf couple’s baby.

Goofs:  (1) In the scene where they're going to have to restrain the big guy, Marco takes off his airmask and he's got some serious 'hat hair'.  We cut away and then back again and magically his hair is now perfect. (2) Johnny's hat falls off the squad during the maternity scene (3) Johnny and Roy are working on a man who had been standing in a puddle of water when some electrical wires fell into the water and electrocuted him.. They carry him over near the squad, rip open his shirt, and immediately begin CPR. They then check the screen and find that he is in vfib and use the paddles twice on him. Then they say he's in sinus rhythm. The only problem is there were no sensors on his chest so the machine could actually read his heart rate!

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