School Days

Script #35703; Episode #2.14; Airdate: 1/13/1973

Writer: Kenneth Dorward
Christian I. Nyby, II

Guest Cast: Kip Niven, Ian Wolfe, Michael James Wixted, Ann Doran, Sandy deBruin

Story: A new trainee appears to be lacking in confidence. An elderly gentleman is trapped under a bookcase, an ambulance is hit by a car, a boy is injured by a chemistry experiment, and a man is trapped and injured at an auto salvage yard.

Goofs:  When Johnny takes the professor to the ambulance after extricating him from his fallen bookshelves, Roy stays and talks to Billy (the trainee). We hear the ambulance siren as it leaves the scene. But after the commercial break, when the ambulance arrives at Rampart, BOTH Johnny and Billy get out of it with the patient. (The ambulance must have stopped and let Billy on at some point.) (2) When Roy goes back to give Billy a pep talk, watch the bottom of the screen, you will see Roy's helmet and nobody bothers to retrieve it. (3) When the ambulance flipped over, the patient inside is getting soaked. So how can he be dry while he is talking to Billy? Also, the attendants that are taking away the injured attendant never strap him onto the stretcher. The cot only has one strap, can this be such a difficult thing to do?

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