Rules of Order

Script #44907; Episode #6.5; Airdate: 11/6/1976

Writer: James G. Richardson
George Fenady

Guest Cast: James G. Richardson, Larry Manetti, Vince Howard, Bert Holland.

Story: Johnny and Roy are asked to be on a paramedic advisory committee, but they have to put up with everyone's favorite paramedic - Brice. A power pole worker is injured when a car hits his pole. The station must rescue two injured mountain climbers stranded on the side of a building.

Goofs:  (1) Larry Manetti plays a paramedic on one of the other shifts. In this episode, Johnny and Roy call him Charlie. In the ending credits, Larry is listed as "Bert Dwyer." (2) At the chemical plant fire, Station 127 responds with Station 51. The stock voice footage over the radio DURING THE FIRE dispatches Station 127 to another location. (3) Note the response of Engine 116. If you look closely, the numbers on the engine are covered up. (Other episodes do this too.) This is probably Engine 51, and it is being used for another scene. (4) Stock Footage Goof - In the opening scene when the alarm sounds you can clearly see Johnny and Roy climb in the squad and put their helmets ON. and then there is a shot from inside the squad, looking out the windshield you can again clearly see Johnny and Roy but where's Roy's helmet? It's gone. Johnny's is still there but not Roy's! When they arrive at the scene of the accident and get out of the squad…It's back on his head!

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