Richter Six

Script #35716; Episode #N/A; Airdate: Never Aired

Writer: Michael Donovan

Story: This story opens with Johnny and Roy talking with a new group of paramedic students.  One of the students asks what's the "hairiest" rescue Johnny and Roy had been on and Roy begins to talk about an earthquake that had happened sometime in the past (the script is written in flash-back format).  The squad and engine respond to quake-damaged Alameda Hospital where they meet up with Dixie and Early who are helping evacuate the hospital.  Roy worries about his family, not having any information on that area of the county. Johnny and Roy attempt to rescue several trapped patients and hospital workers from the wreckage.   Early lowers himself down on a rope at one point (sorry I missed that!) to finish an interrupted appendectomy on a little girl.  Johnny and Roy get assistance from a blinded doctor when their patient goes into cardiac arrest, unbeknownst to the doctor, Brackett and Morton deliver his wife's premature baby. Chet breaks his shoulder trying to tunnel under some wreckage to find survivors (sound familiar?).

Tidbit:  Bits and pieces of this script seemed to have been recycled into other episodes later.  Probably never aired due to a writer's strike.

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