Right at Home

Script #42821; Episode #5.17; Airdate: 1/10/1976

Writer: Preston Wood
Georg Fenady

Guest Cast: Poindexter Yothers, Sandra Balson, Peggy Stewart, Steven Marlo

Story: Roy agrees to take care of a child of an accident victim and is appalled when the child precedes to wreck his home & neighborhood reputation. The station responds to a residential fire at night. Brackett rides along with the Los Angeles County Fire Department Air Operations division.

Goofs:  (1) The boys respond to a house fire at night. Both Roy and Johnny grab their dark blue jackets off the end of their beds and run for the squad. They're both wearing the usual white t-shirts. Later, when they're treating the victim at the fire, they're both wearing their light blue uniform shirts. Maybe they each keep a spare in the squad? ;-) (2) in the beginning while they are waiting for the first call to come in the guys are going over some procedure drill with the cap in the kitchen. When they cut to the guys getting in the squad and engine for the call. Johnny comes out of the sleeping area to get in the squad. Not to mention that his hair had been cut in the meantime.

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