Quicker than the Eye

Script #40604; Episode #4.8; Airdate: 11/9/1974

Writer: Arthur Weiss
Don Richardson

Guest Cast: Mark Spitz, Susy Spitz, Michael Conrad

Story: Tired of Chet's antics, the guys at the station get their revenge by playing practical jokes of their own. A gun discharges by accident and injures a pregnant woman, a construction worker caught under a boat refuses an IV, and a man in a motorcycle accident communicates through his thumb.

Goofs:  (1) When Johnny is checking the fetal heartbeat in the ambulance he is holding the stethoscope backwards.  (2) At the station when Mike and Johnny run back into kitchen after the light gag on Chet, he follows right behind them in full uniform. When Johnny left him a second before, Chet was in a t-shirt and not half-done shaving. How did he get dressed so fast? (3) When they arrive at the hospital with the motorcycle accident victim and his son they show a Suburban ambulance. When they show the back of the ambulance in the next scene it's a box-type ambulance.

Tidbits:  The boat looks to be the one Universal used during the filming of "McHale's Navy". It has the same markings, the same number, and the same film company made both shows.

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