Script # 37429; Episode #3.20; Airdate: 2/16/1974

Writer: Preston Wood
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Brendan Boone, George Orrison, Gil Peterson, Don Hanmer

Story: Roy stays at Johnny’s place while his house is being fumigated and it’s a little too much togetherness for Roy. A woman is trapped in a burning car.  An ambulance carrying Roy and a victim is hit by a car. A man having a heart attack refuses to leave a poker game unless Johnny agrees to play out the hand. The station responds to an explosion at an abandoned refinery and rescues several people.

Goofs:  (1) Watch the engine closely…on the first call, when they pull out of the station, no one is riding on the back (as it should be), but a few seconds later you catch a quick glimpse of the back of the engine and there are two guys on the back!  (2) After the ambulance crash, the patients are transferred to the large modular Mayfair Ambulance. As the Mayfair is responding, note that it has a Ford Cab. En Route to Rampart, the stock footage shows a Chevrolet Cab on the ambulance. Did Squad 51 secretly change ambulances again? (3) If you notice in the first scene, as the ambulance nears the intersection, there are several people on the corner. As another view shows the ambulance approaching, the people are gone. The final view showing the actual collision, the people are miraculously back.   (4) In Propinquity, Johnny responds to Roy's accident (the ambulance) alone. But in Involvement Roy gets permission from Rampart to let the patient continue to the hospital unattended so that he and Johnny can respond to another accident. How come Johnny just doesn't respond by himself this time too? (Steve's comments)

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