The Promotion

Script #37413; Episode #3.7; Airdate: 11/3/1973

Writer: Preston Wood
Christian I. Nyby, II

Guest Cast: Tom Simcox, Michael Maitland

Story: Roy passes the Engineer's test, but accepting the promotion would mean leaving the paramedics. A bad fog leads to a multi-car accident on the San Diego Freeway. Johnny attempts to rescue an injured guard during a fire and then has to be rescued himself.  While responding to an apparent suicide, Roy takes an unexpected swim.

Goofs:  (1) At the end at the fire when engine 51 hooks up to the hydrant,  John and Roy are in the back of the building and Roy sticks his head around the corner to get help you see the back end of the engine. The hoses that they use to hook up to the hydrant are still hanging off the back of the truck not even hooked up to the pumper supplying the truck. You would think they would need the water considering they were pumping a two1/2 inch line for a while already. (2) When Chet takes the baby out of the car, the little girl turns her head to see were she is going and also when Chet is doing CPR he doesn't do much mouth to mouth on the baby just chest compression. (3) In The Promotion, they spend the whole show establishing the fact that Roy can't get promoted to Engineer and be a paramedic. But in Equipment, Johnny asks the new Captain Stone if he's going to keep up his certification. Stoney says yes, and even has the paramedic patch on his uniform still. Then in Greatest Rescues, Johnny and Roy bum about not being able to keep their certifications after they get promoted to Captain.

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