The Promise

Script #37424; Episode #3.11; Airdate: 12/1/1973

Writer: Dee Murphy
Alan Crosland

Guest Cast: Kip Niven, Patricia Handy, Patricia Mattick, Reva Rose, Russell Thorson, Ted Gehring, Jean E. London, Hal K. Dawson, Gail Bonney.

Story: The woman who owns the dog Johnny took care of in Mascot returns to keep her promise and presents Johnny with a pup. A catatonic mechanic is brought to Rampart and must later be rescued from a ledge by Johnny and Roy.  A young woman mixes bleach and ammonia and suffers from the resulting poison gas.  An elderly couple is trapped in their house by tumbleweeds.

Goofs:  (1) How did Roy know that the mechanic had been out for 1/2 to1 hour if nobody even knew he was out before Johnny found him? (2) Chet tells Johnny that Paula will show up about 12:30. When they get the ammonia inhalation call it's 12:22. When they get back, Paula is there waiting and says she showed up about noon. (3) When Johnny finally catches the dog in the kitchen he sits on a plate on the table. Paula then moves it but Johnny does not sit back down. (4) Inside joke? -- The lonely woman Johnny and Roy have repeated runs to is named Edna Self, a wink to producer Ed Self.

Tidbits:  The snorkle used in The Promise was actually station 127's. (Thanks to Kelli for this info)

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