It's How You Play the Game

Script #40609; Episode #4.19; Airdate: 2/1/1975

Writer: Jim Carlson
Director: Joseph Pevney

Guest Cast: Dennis Patrick, Cliff Osmond, Ryan MacDonald, Maggie Sullivan, Hal Baylor.

Story: Johnny agrees that the losing baseball team at the Fireman's Picnic will pay for the picnic and Chet becomes the station's only hope when their pitcher breaks his arm. A drunk driver becomes violent after a car accident, another man is trapped in a car with a tiger, and a man with a slipped disc is stuck in a waterbed.

Goofs:  (1) Repeated spinal injury line twice--said "coming around" the first time (obviously in error) and said "moving" the second time (2) Pulse v/s respiration gaff after victim is removed. (3) What’s going on with that pink blanket on the man who was bitten by the tiger? (4) Johnny takes the biophone with him in the squad instead of Roy taking it in the ambulance. (5) When the Jaws of Life are being used to free the victim from the truck, the jaws are being opened in order to attach the chains, but footage from the interior of the vehicle shows the steering wheel being raised before the chains are attached. Next it shows the chains being attached, only to show the same footage of the steering wheel being lifted. (6) Once again, Johnny’s hair is short in the stock footage but longer later. Wish my hair would grow that fast. (7) When Station 51 is responding to the fire at the moonshiner's house, the old Crown engine is shown following the squad (old stock footage), and not the Ward LaFrance.

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