Emergency!, 2 hours (pilot movie)
Script #42898 & 42899; Episode #1.1; Airdate: 1/15/72

[aka The Wedsworth-Townsend Act]
Episode #5.15; Airdate: 12/27/1975
Episode #5.16; Airdate: 1/3/1976

Writers: Harold Jack Bloom and R.A. Cinader
Director: Jack Webb

Guest Cast: Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Jack Kruschen, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Lew Brown, Art Balinger, Virginia Gregg, Herb Vigran, Colby Chester, Kathryn Kelly Wiget, Don Ross.

Story: [When shown in frame format: Returning from a run, Johnny and Roy reminisce about the start of the paramedic program and how far things have come.] Roy convinces Johnny to join the paramedic program. They have to deal with the opposition from both medical and civil authorities, including one of their staunchest opponents: Dr Brackett. Eventually seeing the advantages of the program, Dr Brackett's testimony proves the key to getting paramedic legislation passed.

Goofs:  (1) Marco Lopez is one of the paramedic students!  He must have decided to drop out ;-)   (2) during the scene where Rescue 51 responds to the vehicle over the side after Dixie is injured, Roy takes her blood pressure.... problem is, the bell is never placed on Dixie's arm. (3) Dixie said woman in car had broken Radius and Ulna. Later Dr. Early said broken Fibula (when talking to Dr. Brackett). (4) Regarding Ron Pinkard as Dr. Morton, at the end in the credits Ron Pinkard's role was NOT Dr. Morton but Tom Gray, M.D. (5)  Johnny Gage rides with Mayfair Ambulance to Rampart as a member of Squad 10. When Mayfair arrives, there is a squad truck parked in the lot. That Squad is 51. How can that be? Squad 51 was not even in existence at that point.  (6) When Dixie was injured, they give her age as about 30 but Julie London was really 42 at the time (not that she couldn't have passed for 30) PLUS Dixie was supposedly a veteran of the Korean War which meant she must have been like what… eleven? when she served. (7) After the tunnel explosion, John and Roy go to help the man trapped underneath the bulldozer. Neither of them are carrying the Telemetry box or the heart monitor. How then after they get him out do the heart monitor on, and communicate with base? Does the equipment magically appear? I thought maybe they had someone bring it to them, but they are supposed to be the only people allowed to touch it. (8) The pilot movie has this one that often bugs me. When companies roll up to the 3 alarm factory at the beginning and the men start making entry, not one of them are wearing SCBA gear. That is not until one of them gets overcome with smoke and Johnny and his them partner with squad 10 Tony run over to put their tanks on to bring out the fire fighter. It's not like the other companies didn't have the SCBA gear available.  (8)  In the episode Hang Up, the guys are sitting there watching Adam 12, but in the pilot episode, officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy are visiting Rampart General Hospital. Also there was a Adam 12 episode where Drs. Brackett, Joe Early, Nurse Dixie, Johnny and Roy make a crossover appearance. So how can they be watching each other on T.V. if they are making crossover appearances on each others shows? (9) In the first season episodes, there is no elevator just down the hall from the base station. There are double doors there instead, behind which is a room where we see patients recovering once in a while (including, I believe, Dixie in the pilot episode).

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