Peace Pipe

Script #35706; Episode #2.5; Airdate: 10/14/1972

Writer: Michael Donovan
Christian Nyby

Guest Cast: Brooke Bundy, William Campbell, Kip Niven, Vince Howard, Renee Lippin, Joe Pizzorusso, Tom Waters

Story: Chet pesters Johnny about his Native American heritage. A drunk driver rams a parked car, trapping a child inside. A youngster gets his hand stuck in a gumball machine. A woman has a problem with her new girdle. A sniper makes a scaffold rescue dangerous. The station must discover how dangerous fuel oil got into the water system.

Goofs:  (1) When seen from behind, the drunk's head is bandaged, but when seen from the front, it is not. (2) When Johnny puts the canvas up for cover on the scaffold, the sniper shoots maybe twice more in the scene because the police are already on the other roof, yet later, Chet comments that the canvas was like Swiss cheese!! (3) When Gage and DeSoto left the hospital to go to the fire at the house they didn't have on their turnout coats but when they got there they had them on. (4) When Johnny and Roy respond to the fuel leaking into the waterline in their shirt sleeves, miraculously, as they pull up to the house, they have their turncoats on. That would be hard to do (especially for Roy driving) since they usually carry them in the side compartment of the squad! (5) They left behind drug box on the sniper rescue.

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