An Ounce of Prevention

Script #44914; Episode #6.12; Airdate: 1/22/1977

Writer: Mort Thaw and Ed Robak
Christian I. Nyby, II.

Guest Cast: Peggy Webber, Chad States, Barbara Ellen Levene, Maureen Lee, Frank Farmer, Dave Barry, Richard Charlyle.

Story: Johnny volunteers Roy and himself to discuss fire prevention on the Tom Jensen Show where they become the stars of a real-life emergency on the set. Several people are trapped on a ferris wheel. A child injects pesticides.

Goofs:  (1) When our heroes are working on the little kid that ingested the poison, Roy tells Johnny to give the kid O2, and he says "I put it on seven liters". But then when they call into Rampart, Roy tells the doc that they are giving the kid six liters of O2!! (2) On the Ferris wheel, the boy stepped on and broke the bulbs, but they fell intact to the ground and broke.

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