The Old Engine Cram

Script #42802; Episode #5.2; Airdate: 9/20/1975

Writer: Preston Wood
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Bernard Fox, Christopher Nelson, Smith Evan, Kim Hamilton, Dick Yarmy.

Story: Johnny and Roy they think they have a buyer for the old fire engine. A fireman is injured by a dangerous chemical in a practice drill. A man suffers a back injury from a motorcycle accident. A man having a heart attack comes to the station. The squad performs an ocean rescue of a man who has fallen off a cliff.

Goofs:  When engine 51 arrives at the training center there are only four guys in the engine but when it backs up, two more firefighters magically appear on the back.

Tidbits:  Dennis Donnelly - brother of Tim Donnelly;   Seems to me this show should have been entitled "The Old Engine Scam" instead.

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