The Nuisance

Script #42824; Episode #5.24; Airdate: 3/6/1976

Writer: Robert Hamilton
Randolph Mantooth

Guest Cast: Gretchen Corbett, Carole Cook, James G. Richardson, Jean Shawlee, Coleen Gray, Joseph Perry.

Story: After the squad helps a non-responsive lady on a barstool, Johnny is the victim of a hit & run accident, leaving Roy stuck with a very annoying replacement--Brice.  A man suffers from heart problems.  The station responds to a fire in an abandoned warehouse where Roy, Marco & Brice become trapped.

Goofs:  (1) The stuntman they used for Johnny was pretty good UNTIL they showed a full view of his face when Roy ran up to him…quite obviously not Johnny. (2) The scene with the stuntman showed the drug box landed open, with contents scattered, but upside-up. However the scenes with Johnny/Randy had the drug box upside-down. (3) In the ER, I have no clue why Dr. Morton was messing around with Johnny's left leg. If a patient is boarded/collared and hypotensive with possible internal injuries you leave all other problems for later. There also is no reflex that I ever heard of where you hit the front of the ankle. I suspect they handed Ron Pinkard the reflex hammer and just said, "Whack his leg in a few spots and look official." (4) Dr. Early tells Roy that Johnny will be out for about 2 weeks. With a tib/fib fracture that's a minimum of 6 weeks. There are many jobs you can do in a cast, but I don't think firefighter/paramedic is one of them. (5) Johnny gets hurt late Friday night, and when Dixie visits him on Monday he is already eating regular food. 2 1/2 days after major abdominal surgery a patient is lucky to have the nasogastric tube out of his nose and be allowed some clear liquids. (6) I can't figure out what the physical therapist is for. Dr. Early said Johnny had only a simple tib/fib fracture, which is nothing that would require PT. (Besides I thought that girl already had a career as a stewardess…) (7) Ever notice how picky Brice is in The Nuisance about always using last names ("first names can be very confusing in a crisis situation")…but in subsequent episodes with Brice, he's calling his fellow paramedics by their first names. Guess he mellowed a little after being teamed up with Bellingham (aka The Animal), eh? (8) At the abandon processing plant fire, engine 51 stops to get a supply line then starts again to move into position then stops again. When Marco, Roy and Brice call to "CHARGE THE LINE" you notice that the two and a half they have is NOT hooked-up to the left side of engine 51 leaving us to assume it is the right side. However after a bit when on the news broadcast you see the chief and the Public Information Officer (PIO) you see the right side of engine 51 you also see no hoseline hooked-up there either. So unless it's being pumped from the back outlet (not likely since generally on the back of pumper trucks there's the pre-connected inch-and-half always connected to be used at a moments notice) where is the 2 1/2 hooked-up at on engine 51?

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