Nurses' Wild

Script #34405; Episode #1.7; Airdate: 3/4/1972

Writer: Fred Frieberger
Herschel Daughtery

Guest Cast: Royal Dano, Kip Niven, Christine Dixon, Victor Izzy, Chris Forbes, Patricia Mickey, Sarah Fankboner, Vince Howard, Colby Chester.

Story: Sparks fly between Johnny and a student nurse.  A store owner shoots an armed robber and is filled with remorse, a dog delays the rescue of an unconscious woman, a man is bitten by a Black Widow spider, Dr. Early deals with a man suffering from the DT’s, and a man is injured at a chemical plant and trapped on some pipes.

Goofs:  (1) The scene where Johnny and Roy are dispatched to the liquor store holdup? Two ambulance attendants walk in, but during the close-up shot in the ambulance we only see Johnny. Where's the other guy? He can't be in the attendant's chair, because the old Suburban had the attendant's chair near the front of the cab. The second attendant reappears when the ambulance makes it to Rampart. (2) John and Roy are displaying their equipment out of one the older squads (which on their response amazingly changes to the regular squad!).

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