Musical Mania

Script #35717; Episode #2.11; Airdate: 12/9/1972

Writer: Kenneth Dorward
Christian I. Nyby, II

Guest Cast: Russell Wiggins, Kathleen Cackle, Kathryn Kelly Wiget, Scottie MacGregor, Lillian Lehman, Molli Benson, Deidre Hall, Stephen Hudis, Alice Hunn

Story: After Chet cracks a joke about Johnny playing the squad’s horn, Johnny takes up the bagpipes, trombone, and guitar. A boy is brought in suffering from lead poisoning, but the father is reluctant to have it treated. A gardener suffers from tetanus, a teenage girl overdoses on illegal drugs, a man in an ice cream truck is trapped under downed power lines, a man is stuck in a glider, and a man is trapped and injured under a house. A boy suffers from lead poisoning and hormonal problems but the father is too proud to accept 'charity'.

Goofs:  (1) Johnny is holding the bagpipes incorrectly (maybe on purpose) and, I have an expert opinion on this, they sure don’t sound like bagpipes J (2) When Dr. Early is discussing the little Clemmins boy with his mother he asks him is they live in an older home and if the boy has been picking up any paint chips and eating it. The mother replies, yes he's been teething. A little while later Dr. Early checks the boys chart and are astonished to find out that the boy is 4 yrs. and 9 months old. I find it highly unlikely that a boy who is almost five years old would be teething even if he has dwarfism.

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