The Mouse

Script #40626; Episode #4.20; Airdate:   2/8/1975

Writer: Edwin Self
Christian I. Nyby, II

Guest Cast: William Zuckert, Ronnie Schell, J. Pat O'Malley.

Story: Chet becomes obsessed with ridding the station of an uninvited guest. A man is trapped in a burning house with burglar bars on the window. Roy and Johnny attempt to break up a bar fight. The crash of a jet plane into an apartment complex provides the station with highly dangerous duty.

Goofs:  (1) It's daylight out the back garage door even on the night run? (2) When did Mike change into his uniform on that early morning run??? and check out Johnny & Roy's uniforms as they pull out of the station. (3) After the explosion in the plane crash scene, both Johnny and the victim are unconscious. As Roy is carrying out the victim, he passes 3 firemen but never says that Johnny is still inside. Good thing the guy from Pasadena noticed! (4) After Roy finishes treating Johnny they both walk off to the squad. Roy has a helmet on and Johnny doesn't. The camera angle changes to a long shot and both are now wearing helmets. (5)  You see engine 28 down the street stopped making a hydrant hook-up. Next thing you see engine 28 parked pumping away. Then you see engine 28 pull-up and park.

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