Most Deadly Passage (2 hour movie)
Working title: Medic 1 — Seattle

Airdate: Tuesday 8 pm, April 4, 1978
Most Deadly Passage was "An EMERGENCY! drama on NBC's BIG EVENT MOVIE!"

Writer: Michael Donovan
Director: Christian I. Nyby, II.
Fire Department Technical Advisor: (unknown)

Guest Cast: Jesse Vint, Anthony Herrera, George Wyner, Larry Manetti, Ted Gehring, John Kauffman, Terence Burk, Kenneth Tobey, Cecilia Hart, Joan Tompkins, Bill Zukert, Michael Feffer.

Story: Roy and Johnny are sent to Seattle to study the techniques used there. Events include: a skydiver jumps off a tower, a man trapped and injured on top of the King Dome, and a fuel pumper loads a ferry with gasoline instead of diesel fuel, which sets the ferry on fire in the middle of the Sound.

Goofs:  (1) At the beginning, when the captain picks them up, his staff car is a station wagon without a seal on the door. I didn't notice one as they drove across the bridge. However, when the captain pulls up at the fire station where Medic One is stationed, the door has a fire department symbol on it. (2) Another goof is on the call to the King Dome. Watch Ladder 1 pull out. No one is riding on the sides of the truck. As Ladder 1 gets closer to the scene, the stock footage shows a firefighter standing on the side of the truck.

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