Script #34401; Episode #1.2; Airdate: 1/22/1972
Writer: Preston Wood
Lawrence Dobkin
Guest Cast: Patricia McAneny, Linda Watkins, Jock Mahoney, Beverly Powers, Jeff Davis, Roland Barton, Candace Howerton, Susan O'Connell.

Story: A woman involved in a car accident is concerned about her dog so Johnny agrees to take care of it. Johnny and Roy treat a man with chest pains and deal with his drunk party guests.  They later fly out to a remote area to rescue an injured hunter who fell off a cliff.

Goofs:  (1) Johnny finds Bonnie's chewed-up leash still tied to the leg of the rec room table, but she's nowhere to be found. When he hears Roy call him, he springs up from his squatting position and runs out of the rec room, but not before he steps in the bowl of milk that's on the floor for Bonnie (maybe on purpose). (2) When the dirt falls around Johnny and the boy in the hole, there is a close up and there seems to be two extra captains! As far as I could tell only Station 51 was called out. (2) Also, when they are getting the kid out from under the house, they use the porta-power tool to lift the ledge. In the close ups you see it buckle (the ledge) then in the long shot immediately afterwards there's no damage whatsoever.

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