Loose Ends

Script #44908; Episode #6.11; Airdate: 1/15/1977

Writer: Dee Murphy
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Walter Mathews, William Boyett, William Bryant, Vince Howard.

Story: Dr. Brackett blames himself when he is involved in a car accident that claims the life of the driver, and the driver's daughter refuses to speak. Roy and Johnny treat an undercover police officer suffering from chest pains. The station responds to a fire at a rail yard.

Goofs:  (1) Excuse me but why can't they go through Brackett's driver's side?  His side of the car appears to be undamaged to me. (2) Captain Stanley calls for a second alarm. They show Engine 8 coming out of the station and in the right rear jumpseat you can see clearly see Johnny Gage in it. (3) After the squad throws its fan belt and the guys pull over to fix it, notice when Roy gets out of the squad he's not wearing a watch. A little later in the scene, after the police officer has a heart attack and John and Roy are treating him, Roy now has a watch on. At least he got it back before he had to check the cop's pulse!

Tidbits:  Dennis Donnelly - brother of Tim Donnelly

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