The Long Weekend

Script #37427; ; Episode # N/A; Airdate:  Never Aired

Writer: Rick Mittleman

Story: A three-day holiday weekend makes for a hectic time for everyone.   Johnny tries to decide where to take his new girl out on a date.  A young boy falls off his horse when it's spooked by trial bikes and breaks his leg.  Johnny and Roy team up with fireboat 110 to rescue a teenager from an overturned sailboat.  A short man is hit in the head by a turnstile.  A Englishman causes a major accident when he forgets what side of the road he's driving on.  A man is injured by an explosion, his house catches fire, and his father suffers a heart attack when his young daughter mistakes gasoline for lighter fluid.

Tidbits:  We only have the script for the episode -- as far as we know it never aired.

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