Kid Stuff aka Kidding

Script #40605; Episode #4.17; Airdate:   1/18/1975

Writer: Roland Wolpert
Wes McAfee

Guest Cast: Paul Fix, Laurette Spang, James Ingersoll, Joyce Mameson, Norman Bartold

Story: Johnny, assigned to conduct a school tour of Rampart Hospital, finds it takes more than balloons & bubble gum to satisfy the inquisitive youngsters. A disturbed man takes his wife hostage with a knife. A woman gets stuck in her pet door. A famous writer attempts suicide in his garage. An airplane overshoots the runway and crashes into a loaded school bus.

Goofs:  (1) When they arrive at airport and camera is following the engine it appears that someone's arm gets into the picture. (2) After the plane crash, Engine 28 rolls up to the scene. However it was not mentioned on the first alarm. Although a second alarm was called out it is not like those units would get there before the first alarm units (although you do not hear who gets called on the second alarm though).

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