Script #44921; Episode #6.19; Airdate: 3/19/1977

Writer: John Groves
George Fenady

Guest Cast: William Bryant, Lyndel Stuart, Vince Howard, Glen Sipes.

Story: Johnny and Roy are stranded at Station 86 when a rain storm washes out the bridge and they become the only medical treatment in the area. Roy and Johnny treat people injured in an automobile accident, an elderly woman with an injured hip, a man with heart problems, and a young boy suffering from bronchitis.  Rampart treats a police officer that was hit by lightening.\

Goofs:  Interesting that when the firemen are sliding down the embankment to the van, puffs of dust come up by their feet even though it's been raining for days?

Tidbits:  Station 86 was the same station used in the episode Inferno as station 65. In actually that is Station 65 which is at 4206 N. Cornell Rd. in Agoura while Station 86 is at 520 S. Amelia Ave. in Glendoria. 

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