Script #42820; Episode #5.19; Airdate: 1/24/1976

Writer: John Groves
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Anne Seymour, Dawn Lyn, Jean Allison, Milton Frome, Del Monroe.

Story: Rampart's former emergency department head nurse tries to commit suicide. A paraplegic child almost drowns in a swimming pool and gives the hospital staff a tough time. Johnny and Roy respond to a call where a woman has fainted and are bewildered to find her wrapped in plastic. A family suffers from carbon-monoxide poisoning. A car becomes trapped under a liquid hydrogen truck.

Goofs:  (1) When Dixie takes Roy & Johnny to see Millie (the retired nurse), Johnny grabs the portable radio off the desk, but when they leave the elevator and enter the hospital room, it's gone.(2) "Johnny's" turnout coat catches fire during the last rescue. I put Johnny in quotes because it's obviously not Johnny who helps put the victim down next to the squad. I mean, Johnny's hair is shaggy but not that shaggy. (3) Johnny's coat catches on fire and is put out by Chet. He gets up immediately after and helps Roy carry the victim to safety; you can see the back of his coat is burnt and torn. In the next scene Johnny is helping Roy treat the victim and you catch a glimpse of the back of his coat -- pristine and unscorched. (4) In Propinquity, Johnny responds to Roy's accident (the ambulance) alone. But in Involvement Roy gets permission from Rampart to let the patient continue to the hospital unattended so that he and Johnny can respond to another accident. How come Johnny just doesn't respond by himself this time too? (Steve's comments)

Tidbits:  Dennis Donnelly - brother of Tim Donnelly

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