Insanity Epidemic

Script #44901; Episode #6.13; Airdate: 2/5/1977

Writer: Robert Hamilton
Randolph Mantooth

Guest Cast: Robert Pratt, Ellen Moss, Bill Zuckert, Nancy Fox, Vince Howard, Vincent St. Cyr, Betty Ann Carr.

Story: Captain Stanley "freaks out" when he learns that one of his past captains is now his battalion chief, causing the others to worry about their captain's increased paranoia. A car drives off an overpass and crashes into a truck filled with pesticides. A man is hit in the chest by a nail from a nail gun. The station attempts to break up a fight on the ice at a skating rink.  There's a fire at a gas station where Marco is almost electrocuted.

Goofs:  Apparently they shot the 'hose breaking' scene twice because the ground it already wet.

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