Inheritance Tax

Script #37421; Episode #3.9; Airdate: 11/17/1973

Writer: Arnold Somkin
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Warren Berlinger, Michael Fox, Marion Ross.

Story: An elderly woman that Roy and Johnny treated the previous year dies and remembers them in her will. A child is trapped in a car under downed power lines. A stockbroker with heart problems is reluctant to be treated. A teenager becomes ill after eating 19 hamburgers in a contest. The station responds to a three-alarm paint factory fire. 

Goofs:  (1) When they respond to a paint factory fire, they get the call and it's light but when they arrive at the fire it's completely dark. Doesn't say much for response times, does it? (2) When Johnny and Roy are servicing the squad, Johnny is using the blue oil can. He grabs it when Roy closes the hood. Johnny still has it in his hand, then in the next scene it's gone. Then suddenly Johnny is holding it again.

Tidbit:  Director Dennis Donnelly - brother of Tim Donnelly

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