The Indirect Method

Script #42804; Episode #5.6; Airdate: 10/18/1975

Writer: Michael Norell
Joel Oliansky

Guest Cast: Elayne Heilveil, Dick Bakalyan, Anne Loos.

Story: A female paramedic trainee with a chip on her shoulder is assigned to Station 51. Freeway construction threatens an old couple's house. A man tries to commit suicide by gas, then changes his mind. Roy is almost electrocuted.

Goofs:   (1) After Roy has been rendered unconscious by an electric shock, Karen (the paramedic trainee) countershocks him with the defibrillator. Then she sits back and says with relief, "He's converted", but she doesn't hold the paddles against his chest to get a reading. Then she casually pulls out the little patches from the defibrillator case and prepares to attach then to Roy. How could she possibly know that Roy was converted if she didn't even have him patched in or hooked up to the EKG monitor in any way? (2) When the guys arrive at the house fire at the end of the episode, Captain Stanley orders Chet and Marco to both pull inch-and-halves. Chet goes to the side of the house and starts attacking the fire while the captain and Kelly go through the front door. Both hose lines are fully charged and operational. The next scene Mike Stoker is at the back of the engine where the hose lines are attached when he twists two levers and the hoses become charged with water when Chet and Marco were just shown previously with fully charged lines. (3) When Roy is electrocuted and falls off the roof and the intern Karen is defibrillating him, you can clearly see the fire-fighter at Roy's head struggling to put the mask on the end of the demand valve (resuscitator) as if he has never done it before. He makes several attempts and then gives up in frustration. Very amusing to watch.

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