I'll Fix It

Script #40602; Episode #4.2; Airdate: 9/21/1974

Writer: John Groves
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Randall Carver, Bing Russell, Peggy Stewart, Savannah Bently.

Story: Johnny and Chet try to fix a boy's motorbike. A woman's husband is trapped under their house where an inactive oil well has erupted. Johnny and Roy must remove a ring from a man's finger before the wife's jealous husband returns. A child is trapped in a pipe.

Goofs:  (1) When the house is being destroyed by an oil well, John and Roy are under the house trying to free the man. Roy asks John how much longer the house can stay up, just then the house shifts and the columns on the porch fall. Later, when the crew is carrying the man out to the street, the columns are back in place. (2) When the ambulance arrives at the hospital with the victim of the oil slick, Roy waits for Johnny before entering the building. The man who joins Roy doesn't look like Randolph Mantooth.

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