Script #35722; Episode #2.17; Airdate: 2/17/1973

Writer: Daryl Henry
Christian I. Nyby, II

Guest Cast: Michael Lerner, Ann Whitfield, Cheryl Miller, Beverly Saunders, Doug Rowe, Heidi Wynn, Vincent Perry.

Story: Roy and Johnny argue over whether the truth should always be told. A young man attempts a high dive off a roof, into a pool, and misses.  A newlywed couple is involved in a gas explosion, an elderly blind man and his infant grandson are trapped in a burning house, and a boy with conflicting symptoms is brought into Rampart.

Goofs:  (1) Johnny's driving when they leave the station but Roy's driving when they arrive? (How did I miss this one! LOL) (2) When Johnny's giving oxygen the kid that jumped off the roof…(a) his arms look awfully hairy to be Mantooth's & (b) on the close-up shots he's holding the mask in his right hand but in the other shots, it's his left. (3) In the first rescue when Roy gets out of the squad he gets his jacket out of his side. Then when he puts it away when they are through he puts it on John's side.  (4) When the young man jumps off the roof of building into pool and injures himself --Roy take his scissors out of his pouch and puts them on the deck. Next, after the guys have wrapped the gauze around victims head and back board, Roy pulls out his scissors out of his pouch again to cut the gauze. (5) Johnny is in the pool with the victim strapped to a backboard. Roy and Johnny receive orders to drop an EGTA/EOA. They do this while Johnny and the victim are still in the pool. When the ambulance crew arrives with the stretcher the patient is moved to the stretcher. During the move, we noticed that the EGTA/EOA was not in place anymore. (6) When Johnny is bringing the baby down the stairs and falls, you can see the baby's head roll across the floor. Also for as spotless as they keep that station, notice the refrigerator after Roy moves his hand down it in the last scene of the episode.

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