Script #34408; Episode #1.11; Airdate: 4/8/1972

Writer: Preston Wood
Lawrence Dobkin

Guest Cast: Mort Saul, Shelly Novak, Chris Forbes, Savannah Bentley, Lew Brown

Story: Johnny gets "hung up" on an episode of Adam-12 that is interrupted by a call. The station rescues a would-be burglar from an air duct and later responds to a fire where a man is trapped and injured in a radioactive room.  An interrupted  bar-room brawl resumes at Rampart.  Dr. Brackett treats a woman suffering from a migraine.   A surfer with a bad attitude makes an already difficult night at Rampart  even worse.

Goofs:  (1) When Johnny and Roy are leaving Rampart after freeing the burglar, Johnny wants to go back and ask some patients about Adam-12, and Roy reminds him that visiting hours are over. But later, when Johnny and Roy are back at Rampart getting treated for radiation, you hear a woman over the PA system say that visiting hours are now over.  (2) Where did Roy get the street clothes from after he re-showers at Rampart (the very end of the episode)? (3) When Brackett first learns of a possible radiation case, he tells Dixie to prepare three beds. Dixie says that there's only one patient, and Brackett reminds her that if "they" (Johnny and Roy) have to go in after him, they'll be exposed, too. That's fine, but why don't any of the other guys who help rescue the guy have to go to Rampart to get checked out? Okay, I guess you could say it's because they weren't exposed as long as Johnny and Roy were. But… Brackett didn't know that would happen when he ordered the 3 beds. (4) When Gage leaves the "hot room" he has no gloves on. When he's out of the room talking to the captain they're back on. (5) Johnny drops his helmet on Chet’s head (maybe on purpose). (6) In the Adam 12 episode Johnny is stuck on is "Ambush". Look for Ron Pinkard (Dr. Morton) as a police officer in the actual Adam 12 episode.  And of course, there's always the little problem of the cross-over Adam 12 episode that had Roy and Johnny (as well as Rampart staff) in it. (7) When the guys are going to go in to free the scientist in the room full of radiation, they are all outside discussing how they are going to go in the room. It will be in teams of two at a time for 6 minute intervals with Cap. Hammer and Kelly being first, then Marco and Mike while John and Roy are last. When Captain Hammer and Kelly come out and Mike and Marco go in, Captain Hammer says " Ok Take off you two." Then Kelly is the only one that goes outside to be decontaminated. When Captain Hammer makes that statement Mike and Marco are already in the room so who is he directing this to. Also why doesn't he go out to be decontaminated when he just spent 6 minutes in a room full of radioactivity.

Tidbits:  The Adam-12 episode the guys are watching in this episode is an actual episode of the series entitled "Ambush" and originally aired November 10,1971 - Thanks to David Burns & Richard Yokley for this info.

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