Greatest Rescues of Emergency (2 hour movie)
Working title: The Best of Emergency!

Production number: 47113

Shooting commenced: March 27, 1978
Airdate: Sunday 8 pm, December 31, 1978

Writer and Director: R.A. Cinader
LACoFD Technical Advisor: None Required

Guest Cast: None noted. In the opening scene the Chief Officer during the graduating ceremony is the only ‘guest’ and is not credited.  Two other named firefighters promoting to Captain, Craig Brice and Robert Bellingham, have no speaking lines. They appeared in some Emergency! episodes.

Story: Johnny & Roy are both promoted to Captain and reminisce about their past experiences as paramedics. Among the Flashback sequences are the rescue of airplane passengers after a crash-landing, a potential suicide threatening to leap from a crane tower, and a girl whose toe is stuck in a faucet.

Goofs:  (1) The re-aired boat fire on the lake, when they jump out of the helicopter to save the man in the water when a water drop is done on the boat. I want to know how they got their radio to work after they jumped in the water and got back on the boat and why their shirts were so dry. (2) And let’s not forget Brice’s amazing race changing abilities.

Tidbit: James G. Richardson did not play Craig ‘by the book’ Brice in this movie.  In a bit of strange casting, a tall African-American played Brice.  Richardson was off filming a movie and unavailable at the time.

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