The Great Crash Diet

Script #42822; Episode #5.22; Airdate: 2/21/1976

Writer: Timothy Burns
Joseph Pevney

Guest Cast: Michael Mullins, Holly Irving, Rick Podell.

Story: An experiment in firefighter nutrition becomes an obsession for Chet. While conducting a fire inspection, Roy and Johnny rescue a diver in a tank. A birthday boy eats raw dough and gets a severe stomach ache, a pregnant woman suffers complications while her mother is treated for a possible heart attack, and Captain Stanley is nearly electrocuted by a high tension wire.

Goofs:  (1) Okay, I've heard arguments both ways on this.  Some say that since Engine 15 was called, this is a legitimate broadcast.  However, I keep getting people sending it in, so we've included it: In the last scene after the fire is put out Mike Stoker calls the dispatcher to cancel the other companies responding. The dispatcher says;" All units responding with Engine 15 cancel." (2) Johnny and Roy are on a rescue of an elderly lady with a heart problem. She has a daughter that is pregnant. Roy is talking to Bracket on the biocom about the heart patient, and in the meantime the pregnant daughter has labor pains. Johnny calls Bracket on the phone to discuss the pregnant lady (why he has to use the phone is unclear.) In any event, the only thing Johnny tells Bracket about the "second victim" is that she is pregnant, never mentions who she is or how she is related to the first victim. Brackett responds, "check the cervix dilation on the daughter." How'd he know she was the daughter?

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