Script #42819; Episode #5.21; Airdate: 2/7/1976

Writer: Michael Norell
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Dick Van Patten, Zina Bethune, Paul Brinegar, Ruth Buzzi, Royal Dano, Thomas Bellin.

Story: The station has a couple of over-zealous fans. A couple is injured when a car goes through a restaurant window. A child struck in the eye by a BB from a gun. Johnny and Roy respond to a boat fire.

Goofs:  (1) Roy told Capt wait on vitals for the second patient, then Capt informed Rampart the vitals on the second patient then on the first patient. Even before Roy can give him these vital signs because in the next scene Roy yells her vitals. (2) In the scene when Johnny and Roy are putting the groceries away before their intended meal of steak and salad is interrupted by the pesky married couple, in the long shots Roy is holding in his right hand a carton of milk. In the close-ups, he's holding a can of that faux whipped cream stuff. In the next shot, he's holding the milk. Back to the close-up, he's holding the can 'o cream again.

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