Script #40601; Episode #4.3; Airdate: 9/28/1974

Writer: Preston Wood
Director: Kevin Tighe

Guest Cast: Catherine Burns, Ruth McDevitt, Ross Elliott, Annette Cardona, Reb Brown, Lorraine Baptist, Vince Howard, Judd Laurance

Story: A nurse spreads the rumor that Dr. Morton is having financial problems. Roy encourages Johnny to represent the station in the Fireman's Olympics. An armored car sideswipes a motorist and Station 51 must break into the van. A man is electrocuted. The station responds to a chemical plant fire.  A boy develops cyanide poisoning from eating peach seeds.

Goofs:  (1) When they are getting the guy down from the motel sign they state that he has no pulse and Bracket says he's probably in v-fib. They never state that he "straightlined" but it's showing on the scope when he's laying on the ground. After they shock him twice the scope shows sinus rhythm without him being patched in or having the paddles on him. (2) At the chemical plant fire when Johnny, Roy, and Capt. Stanley run to building, Johnny isn't wearing his helmet. When they enter it's on his head. (3) On the night run, the captain's wearing his jacket when he acknowledges the call but a second later we cut to another angle and see him jogging to the engine w/o it.

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