The Girl on the Balance Beam

Script #42818; Episode #5.18; Airdate: 1/17/1976

Writer: Robert Hamilton
Christian I. Nyby, II.

Guest Cast: Patti Cohoon, Charles Knox Robinson, Brian Baker, Dorothy Schott, Andrea Bell, William Bryant, Patricia Morrow, Ronnie Schell, Robert Hackman.
Story: A former athlete with dreams of Olympic glory for his motherless daughter, pushes the teenager beyond her capacity. The station rescues a girl suspended by wires at a studio. Johnny and Roy attempt to free a drunk driver trapped in his car. The station responds to a train fire involving ammonium nitrate.

Goofs:  (1) When Nancy is competing in the finals, she does a back tuck off the right side of the beam. She hits the beam on her left side and falls on her left side. Later at the hospital, Brackett says that she has a broken right clavicle and a broken right humerus and sure enough, the right arm is bandaged. (2) Who are the guys on back of engine? (obviously the same footage used in The Old Engine when Johnny and Roy go out on the call on the back of the new engine) (3) Johnny and Roy tell Rampart that the drunk guy (the one they rescued from the bug) was stuporous. The guy was talking and being generally obnoxious; certainly not in a stupor! (4) During the fire at the train yard, Engine 14 is sitting there with four inch and a halves hooked up to the rig. You notice NONE of the lines are charged at all.

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