The Game

Script #44906; Episode #6.1; Airdate: 9/25/1976

Writer: Christian I. Nyby, II.
Christian I. Nyby, II.

Guest Cast: Larry Carroll, Jack Knight

Story: Roy and Johnny are put on duty for the big football game at the Coliseum, but have no time to watch the game when they are kept busy by: a man choking, a man with shortness of breath, an announcer with a heart attack, and an injured photographer. A woman pulls her husband off the roof into a tree.

Goofs:  (1) In the episode where Roy and Johnny are at the football game. They go back to the stadium and the game is in a time out. During the time out they get a call to the press box for a heart attack. When they get to the press box the game is just starting the second half. Did it really take them 20 minutes to get to the press box from the stands? (2) Roy palpates the leg of the man stuck in the tree and says he has a fractured tibia. However, when the guy complained of pain, Roy was palpating his femur.

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