Fugitive aka Communciation's Gaffe

Script #40610; Episode #4.5; Airdate: 10/12/1974

Writers: Charlene & Robert Bralver
George Fenady

Guest Cast: James McEachin, Denny Miller, Brooke Bundy, John Elerick, Paul Bryan, Jennifer King, William Bryant, Brian Cutler.

Story: Roy and Johnny respond to a call where both a policeman and a suspect have been shot.  Roy and Joanne go on a TV quiz show. A woman brings in her abused son for treatment. A pickup carrying kerosene collides with a station wagon and starts a brushfire.  A boy suffers an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Goofs:  When Johnny and Roy are treating the child that's been stung by a bee, Early orders epinephrine, Johnny acknowledges, then Early orders benadryl and Johnny acknowledges the epinephrine again. 

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