Script #37423; Episode #3.16; Airdate: 1/19/1974

Writer: Eric Kaldor
Joseph Pevney

Guest Cast: Bobby Sherman, Dennis Patrick, Carol Arthur, William Campbell, John Harmon.

Story: A new intern at Rampart lacks compassion for people’s ignorance and trust in the paramedic program, and nearly makes a near fatal diagnosis so Brackett has him ride-along with the squad. A man is injured when his chimney explodes. A woman gets her hand stuck in a mailbox. Johnny and Roy must rescue a man suffering from a heart attack, who's trapped on a burning oil refinery tower.

Goofs:  (1) On the first call, Mike is checking the location on the map before the address is given. (2) In the beginning of the episode, the guys are having a drill in the apparatus room when a call comes in for engine and squad 51 to respond to a chimney explosion. Next thing you see the guys coming out of the kitchen to the trucks when they were already in the apparatus room. (3) When the call comes in for the refinery fire, the guys and Dr. Donaldson hop on the trucks and start down the street while the dispatcher is still calling out the companies even BEFORE the address of the refinery is even given.

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