Floor Brigade

Script #37403; Episode #3.19; Airdate: 2/9/1974

Writer: Roland Wolpert
Dennis Donnelly

Guest Cast: Pat Buttram, Christopher Man, Don Diamond, Stephen Colt.

Story: Johnny and Roy think about going into the floor cleaning business on the side. A hermit is trapped in his cave home. Johnny sustains minor injuries on a high rescue. The station battles a chemical warehouse fire. Dr. Morton treats a diabetic singer trying to make a comeback.

Goofs: (1) When did Roy's pants get dirty? (2) That scene where they 'fight' the dog (3) After Johnny had gone into the cave (to rescue the hermit) and Roy and the others were on the outside. Roy calls to Chet to hand him something but instead he says 'Tim'. (4)When they are rescuing the hermit from the cave, Chet is all over the place. First he is in his turnout coat helping the crew then two seconds later his coat is gone and he is standing back watching with the bystanders. Then his coat is back on one scene later helping Roy?!(5) It's not really a goof, but it was pretty irresponsible of Roy to push the dummy off the tower in Floor Brigade so that it fell right where the rest of the squad was standing. You'd think he'd call out a warning or send it the other way. (6) On the first call, Stoker drives out of station wearing his blue uniform jacket. When they arrive on-scene, he's wearing his turnout coat. (7) What is powering the floor machine at the hospital? Did the prop department forget to install the cord ?  (8) Dr. Early has John's chest x-ray up backwards. The heart should point to the left, not the right.

Tidbits: Director Dennis Donnelly - brother of Tim Donnelly

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