Firehouse Quintet

Script #44919; Episode #6.17; Airdate: 3/5/1977

Writer: Christian I. Nyby, II.;
George Fenady

Guest Cast: Joanne DeVarona, Howard McGillin, Happy Hariston, Herb Vigran, James Westmoreland.

Story: The station makes it to the semi-finals of the fire department basketball league, but a heavy load of emergency calls the night before the game dims their hopes for a victory. The station responds to a fire in a cafeteria. A man is injured by a fall in a gym. The station must rescue an injured man from the ceiling of a theatre.

Goofs:  (1) You get to see Roy take the respiration twice on the guy they rescue from the top of the theatre. (2) In the episode with the basketball game, Chet scores a basket and they show the score as 51 having 16 points and 16 having 30 points. Chet then scores another basket and they show the score as 51 having 16 points and 16 having 32 points. They gave the points to the wrong team. (3) Pulse v/s respiration gaff on man injured in gym

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