Fair Fight

Script #44903; Episode #4.22; Airdate: 2/22/1975

Writer: Preston Wood
Kevin Tighe

Guest Cast: Terry Kiser, Anne Schedeen.

Story: Claiming that it is therapeutic, a husband & wife become embroiled in several violent arguments. The station gets a new mascot who turns out to be a real ball of fire. The station responds to a fire where Johnny and Roy have to break into a top secret lab. Johnny attempts to rescue two men from a cave-in but becomes trapped himself.

Goofs: (1) When Johnny is down in the cave-in, talking on the HT to Roy, Roy relays to Rampart that the victim has a 'large bruise' on his chest, but Johnny hasn't mentioned this yet, and as far as I can tell, hasn't even taken the victims shirt off yet. (2) Look at Gage's uniform after they return from the hospital. It's all dirty when they get back, and when he welcomes Henry to Station 51, but it gets miraculously clean when they search for the missing dishes. Greatest Presto-chango that I've ever seen. (3) Johnny and Roy enter the burning building to look for a victim. Johnny cuts a locked door open with the K12 and then pushes the door open and falls going in. The blooper-You can clearly hear Roy say " Randy are you alright?" he says Randy not Johnny.

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