Script #35709; Episode #2.13; Airdate: 1/6/1973

Writer: Jim Owens
Samuel Freedle

Guest Cast: Dick Yarmy, Vic Mohica, Frank Maxwell, Lillian Lehman, Molli Benson, Johnny Hartman, Jackie Russell, James Beach

Story: Johnny gets bugged about other people's bad driving habits. Roy and Johnny's former paramedic instructor dies, a boy gets stuck inside a tree, and a star quarterback collapses for unknown reasons. The station responds to a night call which turns out to be a dumpster, then responds to a hotel fire where a man is suffering from a heart-attack.

Goofs:  (1) Johnny closes the doors wrong on the squad at the community center. (2) At the very end of the scene, after the player has been moved, Roy and John are standing next to the squad. The camera angle has the silver football helmet on the ground in front of them, upside down. The camera angle changes, with Roy and John and the squad in the foreground and the helmet in the background -- right side up! Camera angle switches again -- Roy and John in the background, helmet in the foreground -- upside down again!! (3) When Roy is working to free the boy in the tree trunk why isn't he wearing protective goggles and he is working with the chisel, the fireman from 69 is. (4) When Roy and Johnny are coming out of the hospital, Johnny can be seen without anything in his hand on the next scene he is putting the O2 in the compartment of the squad because he was dragging it in the hospital earlier. (5) When they are going to the hotel fire you can clearly see Roy and Johnny not wearing their turnout gear and we know that they previously put it on for the dumpster fire because they were drag out of bed by the fire alarm. (6) In Drivers, Johnny says on the previous shift they sent another squad out to check on a traffic accident that occurred while the squad was responding to a call, but in Details the squad stops.

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